Founded in 2010 by Max Kin-wai Lee, Room 9 Dance Theatre productions include: inaugural performance Room 9 (2011); two commissions by Hong Kong Arts Festival: Silence Box (2012) and Talk to Me (2013); short piece Apple and the Fly (2013) independent production Home (2015) and Galaxy Dreamer Hong Kong premiere in 2015,  China tour in 2016 and Adelaide tour in 2017.

Driven by a sense of adventurous desire, Room 9 Dance Theatre draws creative inspiration from questioning our faith towards existence as well as human nature in its subconscious level and its relationship with the society. By dissolving the intrinsic artistic barrier between dance and theatre, the Theatre hopes to find a way to communicate thoughts and emotions clearly. Room 9 Dance Theatre strives for unity in multimedia performances with the goal to make breakthroughs in traditional theatrical forms.

Room 9 Dance Theatre is also keen to collaborate with artists from different disciplines by incorporating dance, theatre, music, installation and videography into the creative process. 

Having founded the Room 9 Dance Theatre in 2010,

Max has been pushing the artistic boundaries between dance

and other disciplines in his productions. He has collaborated with musicians, videographers and theatre directors who joined him

in communicating a more complicated idea or narrative,

from philosophical theories to social issues.