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Dance in Theatre


For more than 10 years, Max has worked closely with theatre directors, scriptwriters and film directors, as the choreographer in theatre productions and the coach for actors. Of these productions, the creative process was started based on a text such as theatre script, screenplay or fiction, while his choreography created imagination and impacts in the performance where dramatic language and acting may not have achieved in the same way.

Max, Kin-wai LEE 

Founder, Room 9 Dance Theatre


Max Lee graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and London Contemporary Dance School. He plays an active role in various fields of the performing arts including contemporary dance, musicals, drama productions, dance theatre, pop concerts among others. He is also keen to promote the arts by participating in cultural projects and choreography.

He is a choreographer, stage director, dancer, actor and also a video designer. Lee is actively involved in multitudes of art forms. Having appeared not only in local shows but also overseas productions, his works are shown to audiences worldwide. Some of the notable works include the opening ceremony of the Doha Asian Games (2006) and Paper Tiger Theatre of Beijing’s Cool (2009).  He has also choreographed for the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong Fringe Club, Unlock Dancing Plaza, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Class 7A Drama Group, Theatre Noir, Jumbo Kids Theatre, Theatre Ronin, MilkywayImage and many others.

In addition to the role of choreographer and performer, Max Lee is also a multimedia designer for the stage. He has received training for dance video production in the United Kingdom and has involved in video design for major arts organizations such as City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Ballet Group, Make Friends With Puppet, Black Bird Theatre, Unlock Dancing Plaza, Theatre Ronin and Know Space upon returning to Hong Kong. 

Lee founded Room 9 Dance Theatre in 2010 and produced Room 9, the inaugural cross-media theatre at 2011 . He has since created a series of hallmark productions that explored the art of dance theatre as well as expanding the dimensions of the genre.

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