Dancing through life



Community Arts and Culture in Urban Renewal


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油麻地社區中心休憩花園 (油麻地眾坊街60號榕樹頭公園)
Yau Ma Tei Community Centre Rest Garden









活動在一個有老城區文化背景的社區地標,榕樹頭天后古廟對出 - 油麻地社區中心休憩花園 (油麻地眾坊街60號榕樹頭公園)舉行,與眾同樂。





Planning activities in response to the invitation by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, to make a child-themed dance events.


And on November 3, 2013 a "Dance Together" link at 3 pm.


To promote and share the fun of dance culture, we invite the different social welfare institutions, units, professional dance groups and schools. On the same day with a wide range of performances show, share and exchange dance culture. So as to allow all sectors of Yau Tsim Mong District different age of the audience can feel and experience the fun of dance.


Events in the old town has a cultural background of the community landmark "Tin Hau Temple Complex" - Yau Ma Tei Community Centre Rest Garden (Public Square Street, Yau Ma Tei, 60 Banyan Tree Park).


The number of performers participating in activities of 100 people, the audience of about 800 people, including the local community of children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.


To realize the idea of sustainable quality of urban life, this special program in order to integrate into the community through dance and cultural interaction.



藝術統籌 / 編舞 / 導演 Artistic Director / Coordinator / Choreographer
李健偉 Max, Kin-wai LEE


聯合統籌 / 編舞 Project Coordinator / Choreographer

何翠亮 Ada Ho

鄭健敏 Alice Cheng


編舞 Choreographer

霍偉基 Fok Wai Kei


舞台監督 Stage Manager

蕭悅婷 Sam Siu


Work duration:
1 hour