Silence Box


Commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival


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24 Feb 2012 - 25 Feb 2012  (Fri & Sun)  8:15pm

25 Feb 2012  (Sun)  3pm

Studio Theatre, HK Cultural Centre






“Silence Box”

「我生活在過去。我回顧過去發生的一切,並且稍加改變。像這樣,從遠處看,你不會難過,而且幾乎信以為真。……開始是為了結束。奇遇是不能加延長線的。它的意義來自於它的死亡。我被永不復返地引向這個死亡-它也可能是我的死亡。每一時刻的存在似乎只是為了引來後面的時刻。我全心地珍惜每一時刻,我知道它是獨一無二的、不可替代的,但我絕不阻止它的死亡……那一刻在流逝,我不挽留它,我喜歡它流逝。」 沙特

"I live in the past. I take everything that has happened to me and arranged it. From a distance like that, it doesn't do any harm, you'd almost let yourself be caught in it...
Something is beginning in order to end: adventure does not let itself be draw out; it only makes sense when dead. I am drawn, irrevocably, towards this death which is perhaps mine as well. Each instant appears only as part of a sequence. I cling to each instant with all my heart: I know that it is unique, irreplaceable - and yet I would not raise a finger to stop it from being annihilated... and even so the minute passed and I do not hold it back, I like to see it pass."

From Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre

Translated by Lloyd Alexander







以人與線偶共舞,舞出生存狀態沉靜的思考。沉靜底下, 浮顯人們語意不清、嘈吵、躁動、壓抑與發洩的對話。


Everything start from " Existentialism "- reflect of life and survival value in this dance work. Dancers and puppet dance together, survival in silent reflection. Under quiet, people appear semantic unclear, noisy, restless, depressed and vent dialogue.

Absurdity Existence create by the impact of dancer / actor / puppet movements.



編舞 / 導演 / 舞蹈員 Choreographer / Director / Dancer:
李健偉 Max, Kin-wai LEE


聯合導演 / 戲劇指導 Co-Director / Dramaturge:
邱頌偉 Franky Yau Chung Wai


作曲及編曲 Composer and music arrange:
趙朗天 Alain Chiu


舞蹈員 / 創作 Dancer / Creation:
黃振邦 Bruce Wong, Chun-bong, 何翠亮 Ada Ho


木偶師 Puppeteers:

陳映靜 Chen Ying Ching, 陳詩歷 Paul Chan See Lik


Work duration:
30 mins