Galaxy Dreamer


Guangdong and Beijing tour


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23 March 2016  (Wed)  8pm

Guangdong Modern Dance Company Theatre

26 March 2016 (Sat) 8pm

Beijing Dance / LDTX Theater







A dance works from the "Homeless" inspired to reflect on the a big city  in our lives value.


Is this a people being abandoned?  Or a city being abandoned?


影像與舞蹈,虛實交錯,翻開現實中的寓言書 ── 一個存在卻又不被人看見的造夢者,游走於夢想與失去夢想的生活,在廢棄之城栽出一個星空。美麗,源自一種腐壞;腐壞,原是一種啟示。

Images and dance criss-cross to create a nebulous reality. As an allegory of real life unfolds, an existing yet invisible dreamer plies between dreams and a life where dreams are lost. He carves a starry sky out of a wasted city. Beauty comes from a kind of decay, and decay is actually a kind of enlightenment.


編舞 Choreographer

李健偉 Max, Kin-wai Lee


舞者 Dancers

黎德威 Lai Tak-wai

李朗軒 Li Long-hin

梁儉豐 Leung Kim-fung

燈光設計 Lighting Designer

李智偉 Lee Chi-wai 

服裝設計 Costume Designer

張思勤 Ameiliana Cheung 

錄像設計 Video Designer 

韓家宏 Jackal Hon

戲劇指導 Dramaturge 

邱頌偉 Yau Chung-wai Franky



Work duration: 

30 mins